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Darling Buds & My Uncle Silas

This site is being created as part of my campaign to raise awareness of the great, English author H.E. Bates whose best known works include The Darling Buds of May, My Uncle Silas and Love for Lydia - all made famous by TV adaptations.

While it is true that his work is highly regarded and that many of his books remain in print over 35 years since his death, very few people under the age of forty are aware of the author.

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Who is H.E. Bates?

Herbert Ernest Bates, CBE (16 May 1905 - 29 January 1974) was born in Rushden, Northamptonshire on 16th May 1905 and was educated at Kettering Grammar School. After leaving school he worked as a reporter and a warehouse clerk.

Many of his stories depict life in the rural Midlands of England, particularly his native Northamptonshire. Bates was partial to taking long midnight walks around the Northamptonshire countryside - and this often provided the inspiration for his stories. Bates was a great lover of the countryside and its people and this is exemplified in two volumes of essays entitled Through the Woods and Down the River. Both have been reprinted numerous times.

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Bates in his Summer House

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